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Multimessenger Approach for Dark Matter Detection (MultiDark) is a Spanish Project supported by the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiviness. MultiDark is funded for a period of 5 years, starting December 17, 2009. It has been extended for one more year, until December 16, 2015.

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Latin American Webinars on Physics
Today at 15.00 GMT, It will take place the webinar: "Gamma-ray bursts: sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos" by Mauricio Bustamante (The Ohio State University). If you are interested you can also follow it and participate of the Q&A.


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The Dark Energy Survey (DES) has announced the discovery of eight new dwarf galaxies candidates.
In parallel, the Fermi-LAT Collaboration reported on an analysis which shows no gamma-ray emission from these objects. Under the dwarf galaxy assumption, Fermi-LAT also set competitive limits on dark matter annihilation. MultiDark is present in this study through some of its members.


More information: DES discovery ; Fermi-LAT work ; On the news



12th Multidark Consolider Workshop

USAL, Salamanca, 15th-17th April, 2015


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Investigadores de MultiDark hallan pruebas de materia oscura en nuestra galaxia

Un estudio internacional publicado en Nature Physics con participación de Fabio Iocco y Gianfranco Bertone, miembros de MultiDark, ha logrado por primera vez una prueba observacional directa de la presencia de materia oscura en la parte más interna de la Vía Láctea, incluyendo la Tierra y su entorno.


más información: Nature Physics ; noticias relacionadas



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Prof. Blas Cabrera, spokesperson of CDMS, is visiting MultiDark UAM/IFT and UZ groups.  

He will also give several colloquia and seminars. 

more information: colloquium ( link a: http://www.ift.uam-csic.es/en/calendar/2012/02/9 ) ; seminar (link a: http://www.ift.uam-csic.es/en/node/3310) 



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