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  • HAP Dark Matter 2013
    18-20 Febrero, 2013
    "Dark Matter constraints from Fermi-LAT inner Galaxy measurements"
    UAM/IFT - C. Muñoz

  • 23rd European Cosmic Ray Symposium, ECRS2012
    3-7 Julio, 2012
    "Indirect Dark Matter Search with the ANTARES neutrino telescope"
    IFIC-Exp - G. Lambard

  • VIII International Workshop on the Dark Side of the Universe DSU 2012 
    10-15 Junio, 2012
    "Searches for Gamma-Ray Lines from munuSSM Gravitino Dark Matter"
    UAM/IFT - C. Muñoz
    "Neutrino mass textures and lepton flavor violation with a determined theta13"

    UHU - M. Gómez
    "Complementarity of direct DM detection"
    UAM/IFT - D.G. Cerdeño
  • "Indirect Dark Matter Search with the ANTARES neutrino telescope"
    IFIC-Exp - G. Lambard
  • JEM-EUSO Collaboration meeting
    28 Mayo - 1 Junio, 2012
    "The IAC INO IR-Camera, a pathfinder for the JEM-EUSO IR-Camera and END to END IR-Camera Simulation"
    UAH - J.A. Morales de los Ríos, G. Sáez, H. Prieto, J. Hernández, M.D. Rodríguez-Frías for the JEM-EUSO Collaboration

  • XL International Meeting on Fundamental Physics
    24 Mayo - 3 Junio, 2012
    "The MultiDark Consolider"
    UAM/IFT - C. Muñoz

  • VIIth Iberian Cosmology Meeting, Ibéricos 2012
    2-4 Abril, 2012
    "Testing modification of fundamental constants with the EOS in Neutron stars"
    USAL - M.A. Pérez-García
    "Covariant gauge invariant perturbations in multifluid fourth order gravity" 
    Cape Town & UCM - A. Cruz-Dombriz
  • "Detection of branon dark matter with gamma ray telescopes"
    UCM - V. Gammaldi
    "Dark energy and cosmic magnetic fields: electromagnetic relics from inflation"
    UCM - A. Maroto
    "Coherent vector-field oscillations in an expanding universe"
    UCM - S. Nuñez



  • The Dark Side of the Universe DSU 2010
     1-6 Junio, 2010
    "Dark Matter from de UV Comletion of Gravity"
    UCM-Th - J.A.R. Cembrano
    "Gamma Ray Line Generated by Anomalies"
    UAM/IFT - Y. Mambrinni
    "The Fermi Large Area Gamma Ray Telescope and the Current Searches for Dark Matter in Space"
    UAM/IFT - A. Morselli
    "Identification of Dark Matter particles with LHC and direct detection data"
    UAM/IFT - D. Cerdeño
    "Lepton Flavor Violation Signals from GUT theories"
    UHU - M.E. Gómez
    "A new Supersymmetric Standard Model and Gravitino Dark Matter"
    UAM/IFT - C. Muñoz
    "Impact of Internal Bremsstrahlung on the Detection of Gamma-rays from Neutralinos"
    UHU - M. Cannoni

  • MULTI3 - A cubic approach to Dark matter
      1-4 Marzo, 2010

    "DM searches with Fermi"
    INFN Roma Tor Vergata - A. Morselli
    "DM searches and direct"
    UAM/IFT - D. Cerdeño
    "Combining direct detection with colliders Detection"
    IAA - M. Fornasa

  • TeV Particle Astrophysics 2010 (IAP 2010)
    19-23 Julio, 2010

    "Particle Physics I & II"
    IFCA Santander  - S. Heinemeyer 
    "Search of point sources with the ANTARES neutrino telescope"
     IFIC (Exp) - J. D. Zornoza
    "WIMP Dark matter candidates"
    UAM/IFT - D. Cerdeño
    "The inert doublet model of dark matter revisted"
    UAM/IFT- C. Yaguna
    "Indirect Search for Dark Matter with Fermi from de Galactic Center"
    UAM/IFT- B. Canadas
    "Looking into the dark: the fingerprint of neutralinos and asions in gamma-rays"
    IAA - M.A. Sanchez-Conde
    "Indirect dark matter detection in light of high-resolution N-body simulation results"
    MultiDark - J. Lavalle


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